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I run this second blog about Fermulah 1 too.

With Amy I am on a mission to help KEKE'S GLORIOUS MOUSTACHE gain all respect it deserves.

I'm part of F1-Memes and F1-in-gifs jesus tapdancing christ what the fuck am i trying to accomplish on this website srsly

My bromance fleet: Sebson, Martian, Simi, Sebeikki, Butter, Webbonso, Hamberg, Feb, Sebaime, Hamonso. If you do not have a clue what I am talking about, you are pretty lucky person and you should RUN, RUN AND NEVER COME BACK.

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Los MiniDrivers - 2012 Singapore Grand Prix 


my race weekend - part 4 (paddock club)


Vitaly was part of the Nazionale Piloti squad again in Frankfurt last night in which they won 4-2, with Vitaly scoring! :D


Vitaly was part of the Nazionale Piloti squad again in Frankfurt last night in which they won 4-2, with Vitaly scoring! :D

Saw this when I went to Frankfurt yesterday. I’M EXCITED!!

Saw this when I went to Frankfurt yesterday. I’M EXCITED!!

Sobestin Vottel, Merk Webir, Jonsoi Batun, Lawis Himiltin, Firnendo Alonzzzer, Folipeh Sassa, Mekail Schumil, Neko Risbarg, Gimi Ruikunenh, Romin Gazgaz, Palu bi Vista, Nuki Holkeberger, Brno Nena, Vital Metrov, Kemiuh Tuntunjashi, Sirgeo Ramiréz, Dunil Pikiardo, Jeez-Eric Melbourne, Pastir Meldonadonadodo, Haki Kovinailen.

shoutout to my tumblr people who are sexually frustrated because f1 drivers

• Best news of the year: Kimi Raikkonen comeback

Worst news of the year: Robert Kubica rally accident

• Revelation of the year: Pirelli tyres

Biggest disappointment of the year: Nick Heidfeld not raising his game

Best overtake of the year: Mark Webber on Fernando Alonso into and through Eau Rouge in Belgium

Second best overtake of the year: Fernando Alonso taking Jenson Button on the outside of Laranjinha in Brazil

Worst overtake of the year 1: Vitaly Petrov T-boning Michael Schumacher during the Korean GP

Worst overtake of the year 2: Lewis Hamilton on Pastor Maldonado into Saint Devote

Most overtakes ever in one GP: 126 in Turkey

• Most brutal block of the season: Sebastian Buemi on Nick Heidfeld at the German GP

Scariest crash of the year: Sergio Perez at the chicane during Monaco qualifying

Most dramatic DNF of the year: Nick Heidfeld in Spain and Hungary when his Renault burst into flames

Best race of the year: Canadian GP was full of action and intrigue with last lap drama

Best track of the year: Buddh International Circuit (just because it is new and at last Herman Tilke got it right)

• Who is fooling who award of the year: Shared by Bernie Ecclestone and Gerhard Gribkowsky

On-off-on award of the year: US GP in Austin Texas

Dumbest dispute of the year: Lotus versus Lotus • Feud of the year: Felipe Massa versus Lewis Hamilton

• Bad idea of the year: DRS zones made for fake racing – just allow them to use the flap whenever they want

Red faced moment of the year: Bruno Senna slithering into the Spa barriers during  practice on his debut for Renault in place of Nick Heidfeld

Worst indecision of the year: FIA bungling the exhaust diffuser saga

Worst kept secret of the year: Nico Hulkenberg replacing Adrian Sutil at Force India

Most GP starts ever: 322 for Rubens Barrichello

Embarrassment of the year: Rubens Barrichello refusing to bow out gracefully

Surprise, surprise of the year: Toro Rosso double axing of Jaime Alguersuari and Sebastian Buemi 

• Worst team of the year: Virgin Racing – too much talk not enough action

Never ending story of the year: Bahrain GP on or off

Jokers of the year: FOTA

Dreamer of the year: Timo Glock declaring that he knows he’s just as good as Sebastian

Excuses of the year: Ferrari after every race except Silverstone

Gearbox of the year: Sebastian Vettel’s in Brazil

Wise decision of the year: Lewis Hamilton dumping Nicole Scherzinger – boy is she terrible on X-factor!

Best deal of the year: Nico Rosberg (zero GP wins) inking deal worth $68 million with Mercedes GP

(source: Yalla1)



F1 - Season 2011 - Great Memories.


Vitaly can fly.

New Los MiniDrivers - Indian Grand Prix!


Los MiniDrivers - Korean Grand Prix!


Los MiniDrivers - Japanese Grand Prix.




They’re gonna crash.

That’s the unwritten, ironic law of F1. If you wear a tribute helmet you crash. Case and point - Vitaly Petrov in Monza, Lewis Hamilton in Singapore.